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I don't have a serial port - what now?

Asus Mother Board

Asus mother boards are now using a serial port header on the mother board. The pinout version they use is commonly known as the AT, EVEREX, or EVEREST style. DB9 brakcets like the one shown below can be purchased directly from the ASUS website for $6 or from several other sources on the web for less than $2. These brackets will allow you to use any of the standard IR Blasters or IR Receivers on this website. Another alterntaive is to build your own interface to this header. The pinout matches up 1:1 (pin 1 of the header - pin 1 of the db 9, etc).
In the very near future we will be offering an ir blaster and receiver that plugs directly into this header so the DB9 bracket will not be required.

Other Mother Board

Many other motherboard manufacturers use a similiar header directly on the motherboard instead of a DB9. The pinout, however, may not matchup with the ASUS pinout. Please check your motherboard manual if you don't have a DB9 on the back of your PC as there is a very good chance there is in fact one available for you to use. Some people even prefer these internal mother board connections as they allow you to tuck the entire serial IR Receiver inside your PC case.

Do you have a USB version